Vibraphone [vahy-bruh-fohn]

A musical percussion instrument with a double row of tuned metal bars each above a tubular resonator. Contains a pedal to control sustain. Most impressively (and physically) played with four mallets. Emits a mellow and smooth singing tone.


Nick Parnell - Vibes Virtuoso

Celebrated as one of the most exciting vibes players in the world today, Nick Parnell makes old music new again, injecting energy into a repertoire that might be familiar to some, but definitely inspirational to all. With a spirit of recklessness, Parnell takes one of the newest of classical instruments and gives it a genre-bending makeover.

Steel yourself for his mallets of musical mastery.

Latest News

  • 09.09.15

    Touring SA Oct 2015 Details HERE 

  • 04.03.15

    READ the 5 Star Review: "like liquid silver"

  • 03.03.15

    "Vibes Virtuoso" CD now available! Click HERE to view tracks and to purchase

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